PODCAM360 Inspires Our Next Generation of Innovators

// Connecticut Science Center Introduces Freeze Frame 360 //

At the Connecticut Science Center, inspiration isn’t just an idea, it’s an evolution of thinking; a leap from what life is to what can be, a changing of the world of what you see to what you’ve never seen before. In 2012 we partnered with the renowned Connecticut Science Center to offer guests and future innovators a chance to picture their world from a whole new perspective; to take a look at things from 360˚.

Our permanent PODCAM360 installation isn’t for marketing or corporate functions, but rather the marriage of our technology and the CSC’s drive to inspire, and to offer guests the chance to see that science and entertainment do not always have to be divorced concepts. Using 18 digitally synchronized PODCAM cameras permanently affixed to a floating truss from the ceiling and coupled with our automated User-Friendly Experience set-up system (so friendly a child can operate it) we stream out hundreds of electrifying images a day to live video feeds in a fraction of a second. We do all of this with the sole intent to encourage inventive application of technology, and to empower subjects to think both critically and creatively about the world around them.

The PODCAM360 at the Connecticut Science Center is the union of our powerhouse technology and the Connecticut Science Center’s steadfast dedication to inspire; free to the public and always running during museum hours, we host over 135,000 guests a year, each of which with a smile frozen on their faces, even when the picture is over.