PODCAM Photo Experience Powered By The Big Freeze® Worldwide

PODCAM is the perfect addition to all guest experience destinations. A self-standing, 360-degree or 180 degree installation, PODCAM allows visitors to be captured with a uniquely themed background for an epic frozen moment effect, captured and processed with Big Freeze engineering. The branded movie loop is then available to share instantaneously around the world. The Big Freeze Worldwide continues to lead the industry with innovative multi camera technology that works across all platforms and recently installed Four PODCAM180 systems in iconic venues hosting multiple thousands of visitors daily to experience a unique digital effect of themselves immersed into amazing backdrops.

Johnson Space Center Houston is just one current home of our sought-after PODCAM camera systems. At this incredible NASA venue, we have permanently installed 2, PODCAM180s, with 24 cameras each, engineered on a curve to render a unique 180° experience. Guests are captured against a green screen, which is composited with a variety of mesmerizing space-themed backgrounds. New mirror-less cameras housed in acrylic casing level up the already exceptional prints provided to each booth visitor. This triples the fun for Space Center guests who already have access to Orbiter360, our 36 camera, green screen movie booth for that 360 experience of themselves in space!

PODCAM is also increasingly popular at the world-renown Empire State Building, where we have two permanently installed 180° camera system booths located in the visitor’s center of the famed building. Each booth has 24 frozen-moment cameras to create our signature Freeze Effect. Each system is also equipped with a unique, built-in High-Res Mirror-less camera to capture a photo quality printed image as a souvenir take a way. The Big Freeze anticipates capturing up to 80% of the 4.5 million annual Empire State Building visitors thanks to the Skyscraper180’s remarkable ability to capture a guest in action every 6 seconds. While the printed image is a wonderful takeaway for the guests, their friends and family can also take part in the action. Guests register to get a unique code on entry, which enables them to receive their Skyscraper180 effect to their mobile device. The effect can then be easily shared in the tap of a button to their favorite social sharing platform.

These PODCAM180 systems are just an offering in our extensive line of leading edge PODCAM and The Big Freeze® family of systems. As we sprint into the future, The Big Freeze is constantly moving to innovate the photo capture industry with fresh and exciting ways to engage our visitors. PODCAM booths are custom-built to fit YOUR space, and themes are programmed to cater to YOUR target market, ensuring that PODCAM is always the right fit for YOUR brand.

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