One Giant Leap for PODCAM360!

// Space Center Houston //

Welcome aboard the Orbiter360, The Big Freeze’s latest epic collaboration with Space Center Houston and Showtime Pictures, a leader in concession photo opportunities!

Showtime Pictures endorses PODCAM360 as a state-of-the-art movie booth experience for the thousands of diverse patrons that visit Space Center Houston each month.PODCAM360 grants the opportunity to create amazing 360° frozen moments, complete with space-themed LED surround light panels, and allows for sponsors to add their branding to a digital experience that is out of this world!

Our evolutionary PODCAM360 could not be more at home at the Space Center, using our innovative Big Freeze technology to give guests the ultimate space-age experience in digital imagery. The guest controls which 360º celestial backdrop envelops them as they imagine to defy gravity in frozen motion, grasping a glimpse of the infinity and weightlessness of space. Visitors can remember their trips across the galaxy for light years to come when they chose to instantly share their stunning captures across social media. Moonwalk anyone?

Please reach out to us at to learn more about this creative and experiential brand marketing concept!